More On Alberto Del Rio’s WWE Status, Does He Have an Out Clause in His Contract?

alberto del rio

Photo Credit: Getty Images

As we noted earlier this week, Alberto Del Rio is reportedly unhappy with position in WWE, specifically with how he has been booked since his return to the company, and his move in the WWE draft did not help matters. Subsequently, there has been talk that the former WWE Champion might be looking to leave WWE once his contract expires later this year.

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, host Dave Meltzer noted there was talk a few weeks ago that Del Rio has an out clause in his WWE contract, which he might be able to enact in September.

With regards to where Del Rio might end up, it’s worth noting that in a recent interview while doing promotional work in India, Del Rio seemed down on the idea of signing with TNA. He had the following to say on why he chose to re-sign with WWE over TNA last year:

“At the end of the day you can love what you do, but you have to be rewarded. If somebody wants to have me in their organization, they have to pay me, and there is no other place like WWE, which is a major league of progress and growth. TNA does not have the wherewithal as WWE does.”