More Backstage News on Roman Reigns’ Suspension and Why the Substance He Tested Positive for is Banned in WWE

Roman reigns

(Photo by Ron ElkmanSports Imagery/Getty Images)

As Bill noted last night, word backstage in WWE, according to The Wrestling Observer, is that Roman Reigns violated the WWE Wellness Policy after testing positive for the banned substance Adderall.

You might recall this is the same substance for which Adam Rose tested positive, also resulting in a suspension by WWE.

The Observer report noted that while Adderall is a legal drug used to treat ADHD, it is banned by most sports leagues, including the NFL, MLB and NCAA, because it can mask fatigue and pain, and it can make people more alert. In most professional sports arenas, the sideffects of Adderall, especially when taken by someone who does not have a prescription for the drug, can be interpreted as performance enhancing.