Cody Rhodes Addresses WWE Release Rumors, WWE Raw’s Ratings Crisis Explained, Drew Gulak Talks Surreal WWE CWC Experience

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Drew Gulak Talks Surreal WWE CWC Experience

WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor Drew Gulak recently spoke with to promote the WWE CWC, and during the interview Gulak had the following to say about how surreal the experience has been:

“I can’t stress how surreal it was for me. I came from here. I came from Philly. I came from the crowd watching these events growing up and I watched guys that made it into the tournament, Tajiri especially. It’s cool to just be amongst him in a WWE ring.

I started watching tournaments like the Super J Cup and all of those classic wrestling tournaments growing up. Best of the Best was my first live event. That’s a huge tournament on the independents, and now I’m in WWE’s version of that. That’s wild, right? That’s nuts.”

Cody Rhodes Addresses WWE Release Rumors

As noted, Cody Rhodes was the first guest on the new “Ric Flair Show”, which you can listen to in full at this link. During the interview, Rhodes had the following to say on rumors regarding his WWE release:

“There are a lot of motivations for my departure from WWE, but, certainly, like, wanting to prove something. I can tell you 100% that WWE and myself have gone separate ways. I saw even there was a rumor about, like, a merchandising contract, but I think that might extend from the fact that the only discussion, post-WWE, was about my dad’s books and it was very important to me that they granted me the rights to write his book before I left, but it was important. I knew that was one of the big risks I was taking with leaving.”

WWE Raw’s Ratings Crisis Explained

Last week saw WWE Raw’s lowest TV rating since 1997. Listen to Fin Martin and Alex Shane talk about why this is such an important drop for the promotion’s future, and what might prompt Vince McMahon to turn it all around: