Backstage News on Moose’s New TNA Contract, Details on Tonight’s Matt Hardy Impact “Viewing Party” and Who Played Roles in His Home


Photo Credit: / Tabercil

Backstage News on Moose’s New TNA Contract

As seen on Impact Wrestling tonight, top free agent Moose made his TNA debut, and according to, Moose signed a two year deal which will see him work 110 dates for the company. The report added TNA kept Moose away from Universal Studios for most of the day today and didn’t bring him into the Impact Zone until shortly before he appeared in front of the camera.

As we previously noted, there had been some WWE interest in Moose, however ultimately the decision was made not to offer him a deal. Reports have indicated WWE might have backed off on offering Moose a deal as he has a previous domestic violence charge and WWE is reportedly not taking an unnecessary risks at the time in light of recent domestic violence issues with Jerry Lawler and Adam Rose.

Details on Who Played Various Roles in Tonight’s Matt Hardy Impact Segments

In related news, the latest Matt Hardy Final Deletion segments were filmed once again in his home in North Carolina. The role of his butler was played by Brad Stutts, a long-time booker of CWF Mid-Atlantic. The role of Rita the servant was played by a close friend of Reby Sky, and the theater room seen in Hardy’s home is actually his real theater room.