X-Pac Recalls Nash and Hall Locking Bischoff in a Closet, Dolph Ziggler’s Uncomfortable Audition on Swerved (Video), Helms at Harley Race Camp

X-Pac Recalls Nash and Hall Locking Bischoff in a Closet

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman recently appeared on “The Tomorrow Show” with Keven Undergaro and discussed how Kevin Nash and Scott Hall handled Eric Bischoff’s attempt to intimidate them. Below is an excerpt of the conversation, which you can watch above:

Kev: I love that you were telling me how, is it when Bischoff fired you and you thought that would straighten out Hall and Nash?

X Pac: Sure. 

Kev: What happened?

X Pac: They just, they brought him into the broom closet and they put a latch on the door.

Kev: What?

X Pac: they kind of intimidated him. I don’t, I probably shouldn’t say exactly what happened.

Kev: Yeah you can, they’re all friends now.

X Pac: Well I wasn’t really there but I guess they were really pissed off.

The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro is a late night talk show produced Maria Menounos, that airs live Mondays and Thursdays from 10-12am EST at thetomorrowshow.com and is available on iTunes. 

Helms at Harley Race Camp

The following press release has been issued:

“The Hurricane” Shane Helms Attending 2016 Harley Race Wrestling Camp

July 12, 2016

Troy, MO

        Harley Race, along with his professional wrestling promotion – World League Wrestling, are pleased to announce the latest signing for guest trainers at the 2016 Harley Race Wrestling Camp!

        Each year, Mr. Race prides himself in keeping professional wrestling alive. The sport that he participated in for over 50 years now rarely presents opportunities like this one. For 1 week, The Harley Race Wrestling Academy and WLW brings in guest trainers and companies from around the world to allow the up and comers opportunities to showcase their abilities and in-ring skills to top representatives from the biggest companies!

        The newest addition to this week-long training opportunity is a wrestler who was once a WWE European, WWE Cruiserweight Champion, WWE Tag-Team Champion and WWE Hardcore Champion, all while being the resident WWE fan-favorite and resident super-hero – “The Hurricane” Shane Helms!

        “The Hurricane” has been involved in professional wrestling for 25 years, starting in 1991. Before achieving the huge level of success in WWE, Helms wrestled for smaller companies along the East Coast, and most notably World Championship Wrestling (WCW). While in WCW, he won the company’s Cruiserweight Championship and Hardcore Championship.

        After WWE(F) had purchased WCW, Helms was signed and continued to appear on national television. Teaming with partners such as Kane, Rosey, and Chavo Guerrero Jr, he was able to obtain the WWE Tag-Team Championship, as well as winning titles in singles competition as well!

        Currently as a backstage agent for IMPACT wrestling, Helms remains heavily involved in professional wrestling today!

        In addition to Shane Helms, other trainers/guests include Hiroshi Tanahashi from New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and Dave Taylor from WWE scouting talent for the biggest company in sports entertainment today!

        To get more information and sign up for the 2016 Harley Race Wrestling Camp, visit www.harleyrace.com/trainingcamp.html or call 573-392-4100. Limited spots remain so sign up now!

Dolph Ziggler’s Uncomfortable Audition on Swerved Clip

The following WWE Swerved extra video features Dolph Ziggler getting uncomfortably close to an unsuspecting fan during a mock audition: