WWE RAW Results (7/11): Huge WWE Title Match Signed for Next Week, Vince McMahon Chooses Who Will Run Smackdown and Raw, More!

Shane and Stephanie make their way to the ring. Vince McMahon is not far behind them. Vince says Stephanie and Shane have been doing a fair job running Raw. Vince says he is personally a little disappointed. They are acting as if neither of them came from his loins. Vince calls out Stephanie for not being the person she used to be. Stephanie asks the crowd if she is sweet. The crowd yells no. Vince asks Shane where the ruthless aggression he used to have is? Shane lost his match at WrestleMania, but he jumped off the top of the Hell in the Cell to try to win. Vince says they both need to convince him that they should be in charge. Stephanie says the reason Shane left is because Vince didn’t pat him on the back and that he knows more about WWE than Vince does. Stephanie says Shane talks about Vince behind his back all the time.  

fall and everything will change. Shane is the only one that tells Vince that he is the only one who tells Vince what he really thinks. That is the only way things will get changed around here. Vince says he doesn’t care what the people think. Vince announces that Shane will run Smackdown Live. Vince tells Shane that he is going to relieve Shane of his duties on Raw. Stephanie is solely in charge of Raw. Vince tells them both that they have to compete if either of them wants to inherit the kingdom. Vince tells them both that next week they will each have to name a General Manger for their shows.

Stephanie tells Shane that she is going to make him wish he was never even born. Shane tells Stephanie game on. Stephanie tells Shane that there is only one Game in this business and she is married to him. Stephanie slaps Shane in the face.

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