TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/5) – The Final Deletion, New Champion Crowned, Dixie Carter Returns


The Final Deletion: Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy 

Matt is playing the violin while Jeff drives his motorcycle to the battlefield of massacre. Matt says that it’s time for Brother Nero to be deleted forever. Matt and Jeff exchange in rocker’s punches. Matt with a boot to the face of Jeff. Jeff with a series of clubbing blows to the back of Matt. Jeff connects with the superplex. Jeff with elbow drop for a two count. Jeff throws Matt through a flower board that’s placed in the corner for a two count. Matt plants Jeff with the Twist of Hate for a two count. Matt hits Jeff in the back with the kendo stick. Matt beings to attack the injured knee of Jeff with the kendo stick.

Matt hits Jeff repeatedly in the ribs with a ladder. Matt chokes Jeff with the ladder.Matt bites Jeff’s hand. Matt goes for a Side Effect, but Jeff counters with the Twist of Fate. Jeff  connects with the Swanton Bomb for a two count. Jeff bridges another ladder in the corner. Matt is laying flat on the ladder while eerie music is playing in the background. Jeff climbs up the ladder. Jeff with the Swanton Bomb through the ladder for a two count. Matt hits Jeff in the back with a steel chair. Matt shoot’s fireworks at Jeff. Matt screams delete repeatedly.

The battlefield of massacre is filled with smoke. Matt starts running away because Jeff is now shooting fireworks at him. Matt is hiding behind a boat. Matt applies a sleeper hold. The Hardy’s are sent crashing into the pond. Willow appears and chokes Matt with the Umbrella. Senior Benjamin zap’s Willow in the back with a taser. Matt goes for the pin and he get’s the three count, but it appears that it was Senior Benjamin that was under the Willow mask. Jeff attacks Matt from behind. Jeff throws Matt onto the platform filled with sand. Jeff applies a sleeper hold. Jeff climbs up a ladder. Jeff sets up for the Swanton Bomb, but Reby hands Matt a flame he uses to ignite the symbol and send Jeff tumbling to the ground. Matt scores the pinfall.

Winner: Broken Matt Hardy 

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