Bret Hart Tells Hornswoggle A Crazy Story About Giving Vince McMahon The Hart Attack In A Strip Club

Earlier today the latest episode of Hart Family Vault was released by Bret Hart Radio.

This episode features part two of Bret’s interview with former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle (aka Dylan Postl).

You can find some of their comments transcribed below. You can hear the story in Bret’s own words starting at the 18:20 minute mark in the embedded audio player above.

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On a crazy night involving Vince McMahon and some wrestlers in a strip club:

DP: I’ve never heard this one. I’ve heard a lot of stories from you but I’ve never heard that one.

BH: That’s one of the big ones. We all went to a strip bar. It’s when they started the drug testing. Vince had the meeting that day. If you remember me wrestling Skinner at This Tuesday In Texas. It was a PPV. We wrestled and it was after that show. Before that show, earlier in the day, Vince told everyone that they were starting Olympic drug testing. They had that guy named Pasquali with the doping for the Olympians and all that. He was in charge. Vince told everyone that basically the gig was up. Steroids, any kind of drugs, marijuana… anything was going to be checked. If you were guilty it was two strikes and you’re out. They were all the same rules for everybody. I can remember that everyone was more concerned that there was going to be no more smoking weed. That was the big thing. All I know is that night Vince ended up in a strip bar with all the wrestlers and he was totally shit faced. He was really in a party mode. We partied all night long in the bar. I remember it was Hogan who started a little rib, I think it was a rib, he got Hawk all stirred up. Hawk was all totally knackered. Hawk was talking about how they were going to do the Legion of Doom finish on Vince. Where they clothesline him off. I remember Vince’s ear perked up and everyone kind of had their ears come up because they wanted to see it because Hawk was crazy enough to do it. Hulk was really stirring him up. Next thing you know I see Joe and Hawk and they go over to Vince and they came up right behind him. Joe did and scooped him right up on his shoulders. Hawk was up on the pole where the strippers are. He jumped off and clotheslined Vince and I remember thinking Hawk was going to take Vince’s head off. Hit him as hard as he could. Hawk was talking like he was going to take Vince’s head off. Just as he got ready to do his finish, or when he did do it, he gave him this real powder puff little clothesline. Everybody, Hulk and Beefcake and everybody caught Vince and they set him on the ground and everyone was clapping. Like it was all in good fun and nobody got hurt. Vince was laughing. I remember Neidhart got so mad. He really got upset. I remember he looked at me and he goes, “Hart Foundation would’ve done it!” I think I said something like, “Yeah, we would’ve done it.” I remember I had two shots of Jack Daniels. One in each hand. I remember looking around and all of a sudden I realize what I said to Jim. All of a sudden I turn around and Jim had Vince in the bearhug for The Hart Foundation move. I just remember Hogan and a bunch of guys looking at me like, “Are you going to do it? Or are you just going to do a powderpuff one too?” I just took his head off. I just took straight off. Clotheslined Vince right in the bar. Took him right to the ground. I remember our heads both banging on the cement carpet. I can remember Vince looking at me while we were both on the ground. He turned his head to me and I was just lying flat right beside him. With that move, that flying clothesline I used to do the only way to do it is you’ve got to swing your legs up in the air and land on your back shoulder blades so you don’t get hurt. Same with Vince. I pulled him down. I protected his head and everything but we landed with a pretty good thud on the ground. Vince looked at me and he said, “You owe me a drink!” I thought that’s the last thing Vince needs is another drink but I said, “What are you drinking?” He said, “Dewar’s on ice.” I never, ever forgot that. It was Dewar’s on ice and I got him a drink and the next thing everyone went to Flair’s room for a party. I remember Vince peeing on a mattress in Flair’s room. Peeing on Flair’s bed. It was quite a night. I remember Vince wrestling with guys on the carpet in the hotel room at the San Antonio Marriott. We all partied in Flair’s room until about five in the morning and then we all finally left. It was quite a night. I can remember talking to Vince maybe a year or two later and he told me he had surgery on his neck. He said, “I don’t know. Somehow I hurt my neck. I’ll never know what I did. I don’t remember hurting it.” I said, “Maybe it’s that time I clotheslined you in the bar in San Antonio.” Vince sort of thought about it real hard and then he looked at me and said, “Maybe it was.” I’m thinking, “Maybe I shouldn’t have brought that up.”  Maybe that’s secretly where the whole screwjob came about. “I’ve got to remind myself to get this guy down the road!”

In the full interview Bret & Hornswoggle discuss:

  • The tag team division in WWE at the moment
  • The Wyatt Family vs The New Day storyline
  • Differences between house shows and TV tapings
  • Whether or not Bret enjoyed taping multiple episodes of RAW in the same night
  • WWE’s decision to release Fit Finlay a couple years ago and Dylan’s admiration for Fit
  • A crazy story that resulted in Bret giving Vince McMahon a Hart Attack in a strip club
  • The first time Dylan met Bret
  • A dream that Bret had where there was a tiny person or bear covered in shaving cream being chased by John Cena
  • A potential match up between Bret and Dylan in the near future
  • More…

Next Bret giving his “4 Out Of 10” for the week where he takes a look at Brexit. Dallas also gives the dramatic conclusion to the squirrel story from Tuesday.

The show wraps up with The Harts answering some questions from lucky fans.

You can listen to the full archives from Bret Hart Radio t in the embedded audio player below: