Official Website Launches For Bill Goldberg’s New Action Film “Bauer”, Movie Teaser Included on the Site Plus the Latest Film Details

Former WWE and WCW Champion Bill Goldberg will be starring in and producing a new action film titled “Bauer” in association with Jackhammer Entertainment, Chasing Butterflies with Tony Perez and Samera Entertainment.

WZ spoke with Team Goldberg’s Uncle Louie today, and we were told the movie follows a veteran special forces soldier who is recruited to head a new black ops organization for the government, however, he must first save his daughter from a mysterious new group bent on revenge.

WZ has also learned the Second Unit Director, Co-Executive Producer, Stunt Coordinator is Matt Kutcher, and more on Kutcher can be found at

The official website for the film launched today, and in typical Goldberg fashion a cryptic movie teaser image is the focal point of the site.

Below is a sneak peek of the new site and you can check out more at!


IMG_8038.JPG IMG_8039.JPG