TNA Impact Wrestling Results (6/28) – 3-Way Main Event, X-Division Battle Royal, Matt Hardy Addresses Brother Nero

Matt Hardy Backstage Interview: 

Reby wheeling Matt into the building in his wheelchair with Maxel sitting on his lap.  He is still Broken, Brother Nero has confined him to this wheelchair, and he’s not going to stop coming until he gets what he needs. Matt says that this is not over. 

Eli Drake’s Fact of Life Segment with Special Guest James Storm: 

Drake sees dummies everywhere. Drake had dinner with his dad and a couple of friends, and his dad makes great mashed potatoes, because the two things Drakes do best is make mashed potatoes and whip keyster. That doesn’t seem to be going so well because he leapfrogged everyone in the locker room and made some enemies that way. Drake wants to know what’s up with that, so his guest this week is James Storm. Drake’s glad Storm decided to walk it off instead of driving his scooter down here, but Storm’s been here since day one, he’s held every title in this place, but he’s been going through a drought for a little bit, and he wonders how Storm feels about seeing Eli Drake with the King of the Mountain Title.

Storm says he has been watching Drake, and he calls him Eli Dork. Drake responds by hitting the dummy button a few times, but Storm likes to turn stuff like that into drinking games, so every time Drake hits that button, we take a drink. Drake pulls out a jug of water, and gets booed for it. Drake says this isn’t surprising because Storm and the fans are extensions of each other, but Storm is on the greatest talk show of all time with the King of the Mountain Title. Storm has been here since day one and paved the way for punks like Drake for 14 years. His name is the Cowboy, James Storm, and Drake says Storm likes to play dress up, but he can’t win any title on down to the Knockouts Title, and he better watch his tongue in front of Eli Drake.

Storm says they’re going to change the drinking game, and every time Drake hits that button, he’s gonna slap the piss out of him. Drake looks worried while Storm tells him to hit the button, and the fans cheer him on, but Drake says Storm isn’t gonna come on his show and call the shots, and they’re done here. He tells Storm to get outta here, and Storm says they will walk away, but one day they’ll cross paths and he will kick Drake’s ass. Drake tosses the beer after Storm and says to get that crap outta here, then hits the button a couple more times, so Storm knocks him out with the Last Call and says he doesn’t need a button to drop Drake with the Last Call Superkick.