Matt Striker Talks The Different Atmospheres in Lucha Underground and WWE, LU’s Growth, Shocking Moments on the Show and More

matt striker

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Lucha Underground announcer Matt Striker was a recent guest on Ring Rust Radio, and below are some interview highlights. You can listen to the entire interview in the video player below:

You have been the voice of Lucha Underground since Day 1. What has it been like watching the growth of the promotion firsthand and how does it feel knowing your part of such a unique product?

“For me, the separation of what it was and what it is comes down to it’s a television show about a wrestling program. I had an opportunity to reprise a character that was known for being in a different type of genre. Seeing what it was, I had no idea what it was going to become.”

You’ve been present for every big moment Lucha Underground has had to offer so far and there’s been countless mark-out moments for fans, but from your perspective at the announce table, what really stands out as something that shocked you or is particularly memorable to this point?

“The first thing I learned from others is the less I know about what’s coming up the better so the reaction is more genuine. I found I had a lot of genuine reactions in the scenes with Vampiro and Pentagon in the ring as well as the scenes Phoenix did early on in the beginning of the show.”

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From the outside looking in, it seems like everybody is having a lot of fun at Lucha Underground. How does the atmosphere amongst the wrestlers and staff at Lucha Underground compare to that of WWE and other companies you’ve been at?

“Entirely different from one another. My time with WWE, while I was there, it’s at the front of your mind that it’s wrestling show. This is similar to movie sets and TV shows I have worked on outside of wrestling. There’s a big difference in that, and everything else trickles down from there. The mentality is completely different. Not that one is right or wrong, and I am wrestling with this realization, no pun intended, that this is a TV show about a wrestling promotion. It could be a show about a diner, but it so happens to be about a wrestling promotion and in there lies the crossover.”