Lucha Underground Results (6/22) – Prince Puma Speaks, New Luchador Arrives, Aztec Medallion’s On The Line


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Lucha Underground Results

June 22nd, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Dario Cueto & Night Claw Segment: 

Cueto is in office talking to one of the most hyped luchadors in the world, Night Claw. Cueto informs Claw that tonight six ancient medallion’s will be on the line tonight. For a signing bonus, Claw has been gifted a Aztec Medallion and he will compete at Ultima Lucha Dos for the Gift of the God’s Championship. Cueto knows about the history Claw has with Prince Puma. Claw tells Cueto that at Ultima Lucha he will prove to his family and the world that he belongs on top of the Lucha Underground ranks. Cueto appreciates Claw’s confidence, but he needs to  be cautious.