TNA Impact Wrestling Results (6/21) – Hardy’s Enter Six Sides of Steel, New Champion Crowned, Dixie Carter Snaps

Fifth Match: Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy in a Six Sides of Steel Cage Match 

Jeff brings a ladder, table and collection of chairs into the ring. Matt eats a back elbow from Jeff. Matt powerbombs Jeff on the cage for a two count. Matt whips Jeff face first to the ladder that’s placed in the corner for a two count. Matt with a ground and pound attack. Jeff throws a chair at the face of Matt. Jeff goes for the Poetry in Motion, but he crashes in the corner as Matt ducks out of the way. Matt bites Jeff in the leg. Matt plants Jeff with a Side Effect on the chair. Matt hits Jeff repeatedly in the ribs with the steel chair. Matt headbutt’s Jeff. Matt places Jeff on the table.

Jeff gets back on his feet and connects with a jawbreaker. Jeff follows that up with the Whisper in the Wind. Matt and Jeff exchange in back and forth right hands. Matt goes for the Twist of Hate, but Jeff counters with a low blow. Jeff lands two Twist of Fate’s. Jeff ascends to the top rope. Jeff connects with the Swanton Bomb for a two count. Jeff lands another Twist of Fate and Matt falls onto the table. Jeff places two steel chairs on the chest Matt who’s laid flat on the table. Jeff places another table on top of the one Matt is on. Jeff brings a ladder to the top of the cage. Jeff with a flying splash off the top of the cage and ladder through the two tables to pickup the victory. 

Winner: Jeff Hardy 

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