Seth Rollins Responds to Bret Hart’s 2015 Comments That He is “Reckless” & “Unprofessional”, Says Hart “Hurt My Feelings More Than Anything”

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(Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

You might recall back in November of 2015, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart did an interview with Sports Illustrated, during which he addressed Seth Rollins injuring John Cena’s nose during a July 2015 episode of Monday Night Raw. You can check out footage of the injury in the video player below.

During the Sports Illustrated interview, Bret Hart said he felt Seth Rollins was “reckless” in the ring with John Cena, and Hart also said in a September 2015 Periscope Q&A that he could “never forgive” Rollins for what happened in the ring with Cena. The following is an excerpt from Hart’s interview with Sports Illustrated:

“That knee in the face that he gave to John Cena was unprofessional, at best. It’s really strange that a guy like Rollins, who I have a lot of respect for, would be that reckless with that knee in the face. If someone kneed me in the face like that, I would have met him in the back dressing room with a baseball bat. There’s just no excuse for it.

You can’t hurt somebody like that under any circumstances. It’s totally reckless. It can’t happen. The other thing is, when you’re the champion, you have a responsibility to not get hurt. You have to be spot on. I love that Rollins kept going on and finished the match, and that shows a lot of courage. Nobody can hurt you and you can’t hurt yourself. It’s not allowed. I was champion, off and on, for quite a few years, and I never missed one title match from an injury. I got hurt lots of times, but the reality is you’ve got so much pinned on you and so much tied onto you, the company and your peers can’t afford for you to get hurt. When you do get injured, it throws a wrench into everything. I do feel bad–Seth Rollins is a young guy and he’s obviously very talented, and I hope he comes back from his surgery and learns from all these things. I hope they give him another chance and his opportunity has not been squandered from an injury, regardless of whose fault it was.”

Seth Rollins recently appeared on “Talk is Jericho” to discuss the John Cena injury and Bret Hart’s subsequent reaction to it, and the following is what Rollins had to say about Hart’s comments, via

“That was really bad. Dude, he looked gnarly. I felt so bad. It was just a knee, we were trading shots and I threw a high knee just for some separation so we could get to whatever the next thing we were doing was and for whatever reason … look, John’ll be the first guy to admit he’s a clumsy fella. He’s not a graceful individual. When he’s not sure about stuff, for his own protection, a lot of times he’ll put his body into whatever you’re doing. When you’re throwing punches at him or forearms, he leans a little bit.

I have all the respect in the world for this guy, but this one hurt my feelings more than anything, was Bret Hart. Bret Hart had some comments about me and how safe I am in the ring because of [breaking] John [Cena’s] nose, and then me getting hurt while I was the champion, and [he] just said ‘you couldn’t do that because people relied on you as a top guy.’ And that hurt my feelings, and I haven’t seen Bret since then. I know he comes from a different era when he worked through a lot of stuff, but man, that sucked. That hurt my feelings. I idolized you. You were one of the guys who – at 6-foot-1, 230 – you were a guy who I was like ‘hey I can do that because Bret Hart does it.’

For him to … I mean he’s got to know how hard I’m working every night. For him to say that in an interview I was like ‘man, that sucks.'”