Jimmy Korderas Compares 2002 WCW Talent To 2016 NXT Talent Before Upcoming WWE Draft, Does He Think The NXT Roster Will Get Raided?, More

This WrestleZone Radio exclusive features Nick Hausman interviewing retired 20+ year WWE referee Jimmy Korderas.

You can find some more info about the interview as well as some transcribed quotes from it below.

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On whether he sees similarities to the influx of WCW talent in WWE in 2002 to the influx of NXT talent in WWE in 2016:

JK: A little bit, yes. I could see that similarity. The difference being that when the WCW guys came over originally it was kind of a learning process because obviously things were done differently in the WWE than they were in WCW. They had to kind of re-learn a system and adapt. Whereas the NXT guys have already been, for lack of a better term, indoctrinated in to the WWE style of doing things. So it’s less of a transition for them. The only thing for them is going from NXT where they have the smaller venues and the tight, refined package and going to the broader, production oriented environment.

On whether or not he sees a lot of NXT talent getting called up to flush out the RAW & Smackdown rosters:

JK: I hope it’s not like a total, huge influx. I would prefer they pick and choose specific talents. Not all the top guys. Once you take all of the top guys then the NXT brand has to start over again. You have to mix in some of the veterans with some of the newer talent. I think that would be the best course going forward with both the RAW and Smackdown rosters. Bringing up some nice, fresh faces as well as some guys who are already established. Let’s face it, Monday, Cena is coming back. Randy Orton is eventually going to come back. You still have Neville. Unfortunately there are all these talents that when they are out of sight they are out of mind. Then when you start thinking about who can help and benefit each brand there’s a lot of names out there. 

In the full interview Jimmy remembers the 2002 WWE brand split and draft and compares it to what he expects from the 2016 WWE brand split and draft. In 2002 Jimmy was drafted to be a referee exclusively for WWE Smackdown.

At the end of the interview Jimmy gives a few of his choices for who he thinks should be drafted to the RAW and Smackdown brands.

You can listen to the full archives from WrestleZone Radio in the embedded audio player below: