How Did WWE Extreme Rules Rank On Social Media?, Bull Dempsey Talks NXT Release, Possibly Returning To WWE, His BullFit Gimmick (Video)

wwe extreme rules

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WWE Extreme Rules 

Source: Nielsen Social 

The WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view was the third overall ranked event in the “series and specials” category for Nielsen’s Twitter TV rankings. 

WWE Extreme Rules saw 268,000 tweets, with 50,000 unique authors, ranking behind the Billboard Music Awards and HBO’s Game of Thrones for non-sports broadcasts. By comparison, WWE Payback saw 326,000 tweets with 57,000 unique authors. 

Bull Dempsey 

The following video interview features former NXT star Bull Dempsey talking to Sam Roberts about his time with WWE, including coming up with a gimmick, working with Baron Corbin and wrestlers with similar pushes, why he thinks he could have been released and more.

Dempsey also talks about the possibility of rejoining the company in the future.