Fred Yehi Discusses His Cruiserweight Classic Qualifying Match Against TJ Perkins, Is He In Talks With WWE?, Gives Shoulder Injury Update, More

WrestleZone Radio’s NXT Rewind this week features an exclusive interview with EVOLVE’s Fred Yehi. Fred was recently featured in a WWE Cruiserweight Classic qualifying match against TJ Perkins at EVOLVE 61.

You can find some of Fred’s quotes transcribed below. The audio from Fred’s interview can be found starting around the forty minute mark in the embedded audio player above.

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On how his shoulder is healing after recently being injured during the EVOLVE 61 weekend:

FY: The shoulder is coming along. Yesterday I thought it was feeling a little better. I thought it was doing good until I did a simple drop down and I felt it again. I’ve watched the matches from that EVOLVE weekend a couple weekends ago and I can’t pinpoint a moment in the match when I’m like, “Oh, that’s where it happened.” It seems like just a phantom injury or something. It’s going to take time and rest. I’m doing my best to stay active. I don’t want to just sit on my butt and not do anything. I am trying to do some active recovery while icing it and still resting it. 

On how his Cruiserweight Classic match against TJ Perkins came about:

FY: They have an idea of what they are looking for. The chips just kind of just fell in to place. They just fell in to place. I was given the opportunity and I did my best. It paid off. From my first showing at EVOLVE I did my best. It just paid off. I am very fortunate and blessed that the right people’s eyes were on my work. They see something in me. They believe in me so one thing just led to another. Have I been contacted by WWE? No. No negotiations or anything with that from what I understand. I feel very grateful and very thankful for all of the opportunities that are coming along with working for EVOLVE and Gabe Sapolsky.

In the full interview Fred talks further about his match, working with TJ Perkins and much more.

You can watch a clip from Fred’s match with TJ Perkins in the embedded audio player below: