Lucha Underground Results (5/18) – Killshot vs. The Moth, Who’s The Gift of the Gods Champion ?


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Lucha Underground Results

May 18th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Dario Cueto & Brian Cage Segment: 

Cage storms into Cueto’s office. Cueto calls Cage “Medallion Cage. Cage tells Cueto to cut the crap. Cage brings up the fact that Chavo Guerrero stole his Aztec Medallion. Cueto tells Cage that he has to find it before Chavo is entered into the match. Cueto tells Cage to go the ring with him right now. Cueto goes over the rules of the 7-Way Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship. Cueto introduces the competitors in the match (Joey Ryan, Brian Cage, El Texano, Muerte, Aerostar, The Mack and Sexy Star). Cueto points out the one medallion is missing and it’s Cage’s fault.

Chavo Guerrero comes down to the ring with the medallion. Cueto tells Guerrero and Cage to fight it out. Guerrero brings a steel chair into the ring. Guerrero has to put the medallion on the belt in order to enter the match. Cage stomps on Guerrero’s chest in the corner. Cage obtains a fake medallion. Guerrero hits Cage in the back with the steel chair. Guerrero puts the medallion on the belt. Cage drops Guerrero with a clothesline. Cueto apologizes to Cage, but Guerrero has taken Cage’s spot in the Gift of the Gods Championship Match. Cage says that he’s not a man he’s a machine. Cage drops Guerrero with the Weapon X.