TNA Announces Post-Slammiversary TV Tapings, Live Impact Airing in June, Piper’s Pit Segment Used in Jimmy Snuka Competency Hearing

TNA Announces Post-Slammiversary TV Tapings

TNA has announced the company will be holding Impact Wrestling TV tapings from June 13th-15th. The company has also announced a live edition of Impact Wrestling which will air on POP on Tuesday, June 14th.

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As noted, this year’s TNA Slammiversary PPV will air on June 12th live from Orlando, FL.

Piper’s Pit Segment Used in Jimmy Snuka Competency Hearing

As Mike noted earlier tonight, a competency hearing was held in Allentown, PA today, to determine whether or not WWE legend Jimmy Snuka is mentally capable of standing trial.

According to The Morning Call, Frank M. Dattilio, a forensic psychologist hired by the defense, testified that Snuka is a “shell of a man” whose brain is damaged beyond repair from years of wrestling stunts, and who is suffering from dementia that is “worsening by the month.”

Dattilio told Judge Kelly L. Banach that tests show Snuka’s brain is shrinking, causing serious memory loss. The wrestler does not understand what’s going on in court and does not even remember his attorney’s name, the psychologist said.

“He certainly has multiple problems,” Dattilio said. “He is unable to understand the legal process.”

Dattilio also said the pressure of a trial “would cause a severe erosion of [Snuka’s] emotional state.”

Footage of the famous WWF “Piper’s Pit” segment which took place in 1984 was shown to demonstrate how numerous blows to the head have contributed to Snuka’s current mental state.

If the judge determines Snuka is mentally unfit to stand trial, the case may end up stalled indefinitely.