Clarifying Reports & Rumors of Lillian Garcia Being Released by WWE

lilian garcia

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Long-time WWE announcer Lillian Garcia may be wrapping up her tenure with the company soon.

Rumors of Garcia’s WWE release began yesterday when former WWE creative writer Court Bauer claimed on MLW Radio that Garcia was quietly let go by WWE during its most recent wave of talent cuts. However, as recently as Thursday afternoon Lillian took to Twitter noting that she was dealing with a family emergency, and hoped to be back this coming Monday night for Raw.

While several other sites are claiming to second guess reports of her firing, we are still awaiting an official response from either WWE or Garcia herself.

One source noted to me that she may still be with the company, however WWE might not be renewing her contract when it expires. If this is the case, while the end result is essentially the same, it would explain the conflicting reports and Lillian’s tweets, as she very well could still be on Raw this coming week.