Update On Ryback’s Status and Future With WWE, Zack Ryder & Heath Slater Exchange Tweets About WWE’s “New Era”


Update On Ryback’s Status With WWE

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As noted earlier today Ryback’s name was going around on an internal list in WWE about possible releases.

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Ryback is not expected back to work for the company but it’s being said it’s easier to let his contract expire than to release him. His current deal is set to expire sometime later this summer.

The decision about Ryback’s future with WWE was actually made before the recent Payback WWE Network special where he lost to Kalisto in a US Championship on the Kick-Off Show. 

Reasons for the falling out are said to include being far apart on money, Ryback wanting his hotels and road expenses paid for and other contract issues. It’s being reported he wanted his contract to be guaranteed for the full term so that if he was released for any reason he would still be paid in full. 

Cameron’s name was not initially on the internal email making the rounds about releases. Her tweet in support of Ryback’s “equal pay” blog was said to be a major political mistake. Even tho she took the tweet down immediately the damage had already been done.

Zack Ryder & Heath Slater Exchange Tweets About “New Era”

WWE Superstars Zack Ryder and Heath Slater had the following exchange on Twitter regarding WWE’s “New Era”: