Complete WWE NXT TV Taping Results for Tonight *Spoilers*

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Finn Balor tries to cut a promo, but Elias Samson cuts him off, singing a song he says he wrote especially for Balor. He says Balor is lost without the NXT title, but Balor kicks him in the head and whips him out of the ring. 

American Alpha defeated John Skyler and Corey Hollis

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Alex Riley 

– Nakamura won with the Kinsasha

Alexa Bliss defeated Rachael Ellering

Finn Balor defeated Elias Samson

Balor cuts a promo after the match and demands his rematch, and he wants to take back what belongs to him. Samoa Joe comes to the ring but William Regal stops them from fighting, and announces Balor will get his rematch at the next NXT Takeover special on June 8th. Balor then dives over Regal and attacks Joe to end the segment. 

Asuka defeated Adrienne Reese

– Asuka wins via submission with the Asuka Lock