TNA Impact Wrestling Results (5/10) – Willow in Disguise ?, The Decay Retains, EC3 Enters The Six Sides of Steel

Third Match: Jade (c) vs. Gail Kim in a TNA Knockouts Championship Match 

Jade and Gail locks up. Gail drags Jade to the corner. Jade with a waist lock take down. Gail applies a side headlock. Gail with a side headlock takeover. Jade goes for a back suplex, but Gail gets back on her feet. Jade applies a side headlock. Jade keeps hold onto the side headlock. Jade with a shoulder tackle to Gail. Gail responds with a shoulder tackle of her own. Gail with a roll up for two count. Gail with a crucifix pin attempt for a two count. Gail with a deep arm drag to Jade. Jade with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors to Gail. Jade and Gail exchange in a series of back and forth forearms.

Gail with a series of forearms to Jade in the corner. Jade drops Gail with a german suplex for a two count. Gail goes for a backslide, but Jade stands still. Gail with a clothesline to Jade. Gail puts Jade on the top rope. Jade gets Gail in a armbar. Gail with a kick that sends Jade to the outside. Gail with a flying crossbody to Jade. Gail rolls Jade back into the ring. Gail gets into a argument with Sienna. Jade drops Gail with the suicide dive. Sienna sends Jade face first to the steel ring post to cause the disqualification. Sienna swings Jade shoulder first to the steel ring post. Sienna lays Gail out with the Yokosuka Cutter. 

Winner: Still TNA Knockouts Champion Jade via DQ