WWE RAW Results (5/9): The Club vs The Family in an Elimination Tag Match, New Talent Debuts and More!

wwe rawWWE RAW Results

May 9th 2016 

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Jericho welcomes the WWE Universe to the Highlight real by promptly telling them to shut up. Jericho lets us know that his guest tonight was supposed to be Dean Ambrose, but Ambrose is won’t be able to make it after the beating he gave Ambrose. Jericho introduces his new guest, the remains of Mitch the potted plant. Jericho says Mitch resembles what Ambrose looks like at this point; he is battered and broken. Despite the fact that Jericho sent Ambrose to the hospital, the WWE Universe spent the entire time talking about the death of Mitch the plant. The reason the WWE Universe cares more about Mitch the plant is because he has more charisma than Ambrose. Before Jericho can finish, Big Cass interrupts him.

Jericho asks Big Cass who the hell he thinks he is. Big Cass says Jericho doesn’t understand the new generation. They aren’t here to get attention; they are here to take over. Jericho can either get out of the way or get run over. Jericho retorts that Big Cass needs to run to the hospital and check on his buddy Enzo “Annoying”. Jericho walks ways from the fight. Cass tells Jericho that since he is running away there is clearly only one word to describe him: SAWFT. Jericho gets upset and runs back to the ring. Big Cass boots Jericho in the face, sending Jericho tumbling off the apron.