Teddy Long Shares His Views on Roman Reigns, Reacts to “Tag Team Match” Fan Memes, Will WWE Have an African American Champion?, More

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Former Smackdown General Manager and Former WWE Manager Teddy Long stopped by Under the Mat Radio to discuss his feelings on a few topics such as his upcoming book, if he think he’s going in the WWE Hall of Fame, What current talent is his favorites and more. You can listen to the full interview at this link and below are some of the highlights:

Teddy Long on Internet memes and parodies of him booking Tag Team Matches as Smackdown GM:

“This had nothing to do with me sitting down thinking about tag team matches. I never went to ask if we were having a tag team match tonight. They just came to me and said you know know what maybe we going to have a tag team match tonight. I always knew that training under Vince (McMahon)I had to do it Vince’s way and that’s very important when you there to do it his way…”

Teddy Long on his views on Roman Reigns being used:

“I think they (WWE) are asking him to do too much and they’re expecting too much from him. I mean he’s trying he really is. I think if they could just slow things down a bit … it’s just all up to Roman”

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Teddy Long on who the EASIEST McMahon was to work with (Vince, Stephanie, Triple H):

“Vince! Well the reason I would say Vince is because I’ve had the opportunity to work with all 3 of them. One thing about Vince, like I said earlier it’s easier to do it his way to get along with him. You really need to learn everybody’s way. Stephanie was great t work with but she’s a perfectionist so you had to have everything right and you had to be on your game, and there’s nothing wrong with that. ..”

Teddy Long on if he feels in the next 10yrs WWE will have its first African American WWE Champion:

“Yes I do, you know Vince is all about the dollar, and one thing I learned while I was there (WWE) is that Vince doesn’t care what color you are he cares about if you can make him the money. That’s how I was able to stay there for 15 years because I learned the game. I do feel you will see an African American champion. It’s like football they give you the ball and it’s up to you to make a touchdown or you fumble. It’s only but so much the WWE can do for you to get you over and the rest is up to yourself…”

Teddy Long also discussed advice Vince McMahon gave him, how to stay in WWE for a long time, his thoughts on him never managing Harlem Heat, who came up with the White Boy Challenge and much more in this exclusive 35-minute interview on Under the Mat Radio.