Ring of Honor Global Wars Results (5/8): Lethal vs. Cabana, New Bullet Club Member Revealed, Tanahashi, Okada, More!

(6) Bobby Fish def. Tomohiro Ishii to become the NEW ROH TV Champion! Great, hard-hitting match with an epic David vs. Goliath-esque story. Fish kept throwing everything he had at Ishii, and Ishii kept no-selling it and laying him out with big moves. Fish kept coming back for more, and after a very long haul, resorted to choking out Ishii for the submission win to bring the belt back to ROH. 

(7) The Bullet Club def. Kushida, Matt Sydal, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin. The whole match was built up as the “biggest superkick party ever” and then the Bucks ended up winning with the Meltzer Driver with a grand total of… zero superkicks. 

Ringside confrontation between Mr. Wrestling III and BJ Whitmer. He’s pissed off at Corino for pretending to be someone he’s not. BJ has a flash drive and says it has something interesting that Corino is going to want to see when he goes home and plugs it in. 

(8) Jay Lethal defends the ROH World Championship against Colt Cabana to a no-contest, after interference from the Bullet Club. Taeler Hendrix played a lot of interference for the House of Truth early on and got thrown out by Nigel. At the end of the match she came back out to save the match for Lethal – the Young Bucks came out and it looked like they were going to even the odds, but ended up superkicking the referee instead. 

The Bucks then superkicked Taeler Hendrix and everyone at ringside before entering the ring with two Bullet Club shirts, having teased a new member by the end of the PPV. They gave Lethal and Colt shirts, but the lights went out. When they came back on Adam Cole was standing in the ring with a BC shirt on, and they all superkicked Lethal and Colt as the crowd went insane. 

Dozens of people came out to try and stop the madness, but the rest of the Club came out and completely cleaned house. The Bucks superkicked Kevin Kelly and Corino completely marked out for it, tried to “Too Sweet” them, and got a superkick of his own. They then did commentary on the chaos mocking Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler as the Club destroyed everyone. The final superkick counter was 51. 

The show went off the air with Adam Cole posing on the mat into a camera (the camera man had been superkicked), with the rest of the Bullet Club around him.