WWE SmackDown Results (5/5) – The Samoan Dynasty Clashes With The Club, Miz/Zayn, Make Darren Young Great Again?

AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows Backstage Segment: 

Styles asks the good brothers if they’re ready for Round Two? Anderson tells Styles that they had Roman Reigns laying on a silver platter this past Monday on Raw. Back in the day, Styles wouldn’t have any problem breaking that steel chair over Roman Reigns head. Styles says that it’s not back in the day anymore. He was this close to defeating Reigns at WWE Payback. Styles says that technically he defeated Reigns twice before the final conclusion. Styles says that he’s going to be the champion his way on his own. Anderson can respect that, but can Roman Reigns? Anderson points out that Reigns power bombed Styles through a table. The good brothers tells Styles that if he wants to become champion he has to go to the extreme. Styles says that it’s maybe time to have a chat with Roman Reigns. Styles walks out of the locker room. Anderson & Gallows says that’s the AJ Styles they’ve been looking for. 

Second Match: The Vaudevillians vs. The Social Outcasts 

English and Axel starts off the match. Axel drags English to the ropes. Axel lands a deep armdrag to English. Gotch distracts Axel from the outside. English drops Axel with a chop block. English stomps on Axel’s chest in the corner. English tags in Gotch. Vaudevillians drops Axel with a double right hand. Gotch goes for a pin, but Axel kicks out at the count of one. Gotch with a uppercut to Axel. Gotch applies a chin lock. Axel armdrags Gotch to get out of the hold. English and Dallas are tagged in. Dallas headbutts English’s mid-section. Dallas lands a series of back elbows. Dallas ducks a clothesline and powerslams English. Dallas goes for the pin, but Gotch breaks the pin attempt at the count of two. Axel kicks Gotch in the gut. Gotch with a back bodydrop that sends Axel crashing to the outside.

Dallas goes for a victory roll, but English counters with a boot to the face. English tags in Gotch. Vaudevillians connects with the Whirling Dervish to pickup the victory. After the match Big Cass comes out. Cass says that The Vaudevillians looks like they just walked out of the set of “Sherlock Holmes” trying to solve the mystery of “Who’s going to get whooped first?” Guess What? The answer is both of them. Since we’re here in Kansas City. Cass says that he’s going to give Vaudevillians a royal beatdown to prove that The Vaudevillians are SAWFT! Cass enters the ring. Cass launches Gotch out of the ring. Cass drops English with a big boot. Axel gets back in the ring and calls Vaudevillians soft. Axel tries to play friends with Cass, but Axel gets laid out with the East River Crossing. 

Winner: The Vaudevillians