Adam Rose Deletes All Posts Pertaining to His WWE Suspension, Former WWE Star Criticizes Ryback Blog and Cameron’s Reaction

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Adam Rose Deletes All Posts Pertaining to His WWE Suspension

Following his 60 day WWE suspension for his second violation of the company Wellness Policy, Adam Rose posted two statement regarding his suspension.

The first statement denied any wrongdoing and claimed he had a prescription for medication he was taking.

The second statement was a note from his doctor, stating that Rose had been prescribed Adderall for ADHD symptoms. Rose later told a fan on Twitter that WWE knew about the prescription for over a year.

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Rose has since deleted all of the posts regarding his suspension, and it remains unknown why he has done so.

Former WWE Star Criticizes Ryback and Cameron

As noted, WWE star Cameron agreed with Ryback’s blog regarding his current WWE status, as she tweeted “Amen brother!” in response to Ryback.

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Former WWE star Val Venis posted the following reaction to both Ryback and Cameron:

Get your kids out of public schools or they may end up like these two simpletons. #BernieLogic