TNA Impact Wrestling Results (5/3) – Who’s The Number One Contender ?, Bram Retains, The Decay Evovles, Sienna’s Debut

The Decay Backstage Promo: 

Change is upon us, The Decay destroyed Beer Money. Decay has the gold and the evolution of change continues tonight. Rosemary asks Crazy Steve if he fears change? Steve nods his head no. Rosemary asks Abyss the same question and he says no. Rosemary asks Steve if he’s ready for his transformation? Rosemary spits the green mist into Steve’s mouth. Steve is selling the effects of the acid. Rosemary tells Abyss to take his mask off. Rosemary spits the green mist in Abyss face. Abyss like wise Steve sells the effects of the acid. Rosemary repeatedly shouts the word Decay. 

The Decay & James Storm In-Ring Promo: 

Rosemary says that The Decay have walked through the valley of the shadows. They destroyed your heroes. Rosemary says that they’re the death dealers. Rosemary says that Steve and Abyss have evolved. Steve the man without a voice is silent no more. Steve says that Rosemary gave them a voice and our monster gave them purpose. As far as the rest of you are concern, your pain & suffering is The Decay’s pleasure. Rosemary says that so many people have tried to control Abyss, but The Decay is here to set him free and show everybody his scars. Abyss says that for years he’s hide behind a mask to avoid the pain in his heart, but now he’s free from the pain. Abyss calls himself beautiful. He takes joy in his beauty & The Decay. Rosemary says that their destruction will not stop.

Anybody who gets in The Decay’s path will suffer. Rosemary shouts Decay again. James Storm comes out. Abyss says that Beer Money is dead. Storm says that The Decay has left him standing. Storm calls himself the beer swinging, Johnny Cash listening badass from Middle Tennessee. Storm drinks alot of beer and kick ass because he’s “James Motherfucking Storm”. Storm says that he’s willing kick the entire Decay’s ass. Storm clears the ring. Storm says that he’s the cowboy and he tells Abyss that they have some unfinished business. Storm tells Abyss that he’s going to kick his ass so bad, Abyss will have to put his mask back on.