TNA Impact Wrestling Results (5/3) – Who’s The Number One Contender ?, Bram Retains, The Decay Evovles, Sienna’s Debut


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TNA Impact Wrestling

May 3rd, 2016 

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Bobby Lashley & Drew Galloway Segment: 

Lashley is driving in the car and he talks about Galloway challenging him to a fight. Lashley parks the car at the gym Galloway is doing the interview at and Lashley says that if Galloway wants a fight, he’s going to give him. There’s a cut to the gym where Galloway talks about Lashley being the most dangerous man in the TNA Roster. Lashley attacks Galloway from behind. There’s a pier six brawl in the gym.

Lashley throws Galloway into the MMA Cage inside the gym and locks the door. Lashley tells Galloway that he’s in his world. Lashley lands a right hand to Galloway with a glove in his hand. Galloway tries to take Lashley down, but Lashley gets Galloway in a armbar. Galloway gets out of the hold. Some of the wrestlers from the TNA Roster hop into the octagon to separate both men. Galloway tells Lashley that he’ll see him later on tonight.