WWE RAW Results (5/2): New Matches Set for Extreme Rules, Roman Reigns and The Usos Take on AJ Styles, Gallows, and Anderson, More!

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Stephanie McMahon kicks off Raw tonight. Stephanie is beaming from ear to ear. Stephanie says she has been waiting to do this for weeks. She attempts to welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw, but Shane McMahon’s music hits. Shane gets in the ring and says hello to the crowd. Shane welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw. Stephanie says she has a piece offering for Shane. She wants to show him that she is trying to embrace this new partnership. Stephanie hands him a bag and Shane pulls out the photo that Mr. McMahon stepped on a few weeks ago. Stephanie says let’s hear Shane’s ideas for tonight’s show. Shane says he is touched, so she can go first. Stephanie says, no now is about Shane. She does Shane’s crowd poll and predictably the crowd wants to hear from Shane.

Kevin Owens interrupts. Owens says it’s great to see Shane and Stephanie getting along. He says he has an idea since they can’t decide whose ideas should be heard. Owens goes on to say that he should get a shot at the Intercontinental title tonight. He destroyed Sami Zayn yesterday so he is entitled to it. Owens tells Shane he knows he won’t do the right thing, but Stephanie would. Owens is owed a title shot. Both Stephanie and Shane agree. Before they make a decision, Cesaro comes out and says the resident complainer interfered in his title match last night and he deserves another shot. Shane says Cesaro and Owens will face off to determine the number one contender. Owens is livid. He still hasn’t gotten his rematch from when he lost the title.

Anyone else find it funny that Owens is actually right? It’s usually the babyface who gets screwed out of their title rematch. For the first time in years a heel has a legitimate gripe.