WWE RAW Results (4/25): Final WWE Payback Hype, Del Rio vs Reigns, Stephanie Returns, Anderson & Gallows In-Action and More!

wwe rawWWE RAW Results

April 25th 2016 

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Shane McMahon kicks off Raw for the third week in a row. Shane has been left in charge of Raw once again. Shane lets the crowd know he is still here because of them. Before Shane can let us know what is on tap for tonight Stephanie McMahon interrupts him. Stephanie leans in to kiss Shane, but Shane backs away. Stephanie says Shane is trying to pander to the people. Shane says he isn’t surprised that Stephanie or her self-important husband showed up tonight. Stephanie tells Shane that tonight is last night running Monday Night Raw. This Sunday at Payback Vince McMahon will announce who will be in charge or Raw moving forward.

Shane runs a poll to see who the crowd wants to be in charge of Raw. The people naturally cheer from him and boo Stephanie. Stephanie says in six days she has it on good authority (see what she did there?) that the decision on Sunday will not go Shane’s way. Shane tells Stephanie to leave. She refuses to leave “her” ring. Shane calls for security to remove her. Shane asks Stephanie one more time to leave “our” (as he points to the fans) ring. Stephanie begrudgingly does so. Stephanie slaps on of the security guards for touching her. The other two security guards lift her up and drag her away.