WWE RAW Results (4/18): Roman Reigns Goes Face to Face With AJ Styles, Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose in the Main Event and More!

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Raw kicks off tonight with another edition of “The Ambrose Asylum”. Dean Ambrose’s guest tonight is Shane McMahon. Ambrose says Shane brought a clip with him. They air the footage of Shane jumping off the hell in a cell. Ambrose notes that watching that made him ask for the first time, “what was that guy thinking”. Shane says that is the greatest complement he has ever gotten. Ambrose asks Shane what are Shane’s goals while he is in charge. Shane says it is all about the WWE fans. He plans on pushing all of the stars that normally wouldn’t be. Names such as AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, and Sasha Banks.

Kevin Owens interrupts and says Shane isn’t fooling him. In his opinion this is the same crap that has been happening for years. It’s just another McMahon mad with power with a vendetta against this generation’s number on star, Kevin Owens. Owens asks why Shane had him thrown out last week. Shane notes that he had to throw out Owens because he was going to cost Zayn his potential title shot. Owens let’s Shane know that Zayn has no business fighting for the world title. Sami Zayn comes out and tells Owens all he does is use people. Deep down Owens knows he would never had made it to the WWE without him. Chris Jericho comes to the ring and says Owens is right. Shane is drunk with power. Shane tells everyone that since there is such tension in the ring he is going to make the following matches: Zayn vs Owens and Jericho vs Ambrose at WWE Payback. After Shane’s announcement, a brawl breaks. Zayn and Ambrose clear the ring.