The Latest Backstage News on The Authority’s Return to WWE Raw, Bray Wyatt’s Injury Status, Which WWE Faction Is Breaking Up?

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In today’s WrestleTalk News, yet another major WWE wrestler injured (this time Bray Wyatt), which WWE faction is apparently going to be broken up and will The Authority be returning to Raw?

Bray Wyatt Injured!

Our top story today is yet another injury to a top WWE star.

Over the last six months, the WWE has seen an unprecedented amount of their top performers get put on the sidelines through injury. John Cena, Seth Rollins, Tyson Kidd, Neville, Luke Harper are just some of the names to be out of action. Monday’s Raw saw the long-awaited return of Cesaro after he underwent shoulder surgery back in November. Which means the WWE’s mystical injury aura had to readdress the balance.

Last night at a live event in Milan, Italy, have confirmed Bray Wyatt during a face-off with Roman Reigns.

He reportedly tweaked his leg, injuring his right calf muscle and the match between the two was called off. In a video posted online, Wyatt can be seen limping and being attended to by a WWE doctor.

This is really unfortunate for Wyatt, as he has only just recently returned to the ring after suffering some sort of issue with his back, and he appeared to be getting a renewed push and babyface after a heated stare down with Roman Reigns at the end of this week’s Raw.

Whether Wyatt will be pulled from in ring competition again isn’t yet clear. Hopefully the injury isn’t too serious. We need him to bring down the Roman Empire!

To hear about today’s other top stores – including which WWE faction is apparently going to be broken up and whether the Authority will return to Raw – watch the WrestleTalk News above.

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