Actor Thanks Numerous Pro Wrestling Names at MTV Movie Awards, LGBT Fan Talks Coming Out on Total Divas, Edge and Christian News

mtv movie awards

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Actor Thanks Numerous Pro Wrestling Names at MTV Movie Awards

As noted, The Rock hosted last night’s MTV Movie Awards, and when actor Chris Pratt won an award for “Best Action Performance” for “Guardians of the Galaxy”, he thanked The Rock, Jesse Ventura, Roddy Piper, Lou Albano, Batista, Jimmy Snuka, Brutus Beefcake and other pro wrestling names.

Edge and Christian News

Edge and Christian are back to filming their Network show as Christian Tweeted the following:

LGBT Fan Talks Coming Out on Total Divas

The Huffington Post has published a new story profiling WWE fan Dustin Brown’s recent interview with G Radio LGBT.

For those of you who might be unaware, Brown came out to his parents on an episode of Total Divas last month, and you can watch footage of his coming out below. Alicia Fox and Paige joined Brown for the experience, which was filmed last October, and during his G Radio LGBT interview, he had the following to say about coming out on the TV show:

“One, I don’t want to say the ‘pressure,’ but with so many people investing so much time and energy into me doing — and, obviously, two people I idolize like Paige and Alicia Fox being there — it wouldn’t give me another ‘out’ or chance to bail on it. The other being who knows how many other people are struggling like I was? If I could turn my struggles into strength for somebody else, I had to do that.”