Jim Ross Blog: JR Praises NXT Takeover, Talks AJ Styles & Bray Wyatt Booking, Length Of Wrestlemania 32

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The latest Jim Ross blog is posted at the WWE Hall of Famer’s JR’s Bar-B-Q website; JR talks about his Wrestlemania weekend including NXT Takeover and Wrestlemania 32, the follow up on RAW, his live shows, and much more. You can read a few excerpts below: 

JR talks NXT Takeover: 

Nakamura vs Sami Zayn was fabulous especially considered that they had no issue and it was two fan favorites who were in the match. Terrific! I see no reason that both of these men in this match shouldn’t be major players in WWE if the stars are aligned properly for them. 

Bailey vs Asuka was an amazing Women’s match that saw Asuka defeat Bailey to win the NXT Women’s title via submission or as WWE might actually prefer via ‘TapOut.’  

Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor was a Slobber Knocker for sure and here are two more big stars waiting to take off in a major way in WWE. I’d love to see Joe vs Lesnar some day. Seems like WWE needs to address the procedure of inadvertent blood as to not have to adversely impact the flow of the bout in progress.

Fans complaining about how AJ Styles and the Wyatts were booked at Wrestlemania 32: 

For those who were squealing like a pig under gate  over some of the finishes/creative including AJ Styles losing and the “destruction” of the Wyatt Family by The Rock and John Cena, just as I said Sunday night on Twitter let’s wait until RAW and see how those two matters are addressed and it seemed that both were addressed well at least to my own satisfaction.

Loved seeing WWE focus on some unique talents in the last two segments of RAW Monday night as it appeared to be a sign of things to come as to where some new talents are going to be given a chance to be main eventers on a n ongoing basis.

Fans at RAW seemed to jump a the chance to cheer for the Wyatt Family especially Bray Wyatt who is a major, character babyface waiting to explode. I’ve been feeling that one for months. 

JR comments on the length of this year’s Wrestlemania: 

One has to assume that WWE will address the length of their Wrestlemania Sunday night year in Orlando as the event length was the major com,plant that I heard from fans who attended.

Black hat’s off to Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton for their marathon broadcast that did not provide them many opportunities to address their likely much needed men’s room breaks as they sat at ringside for approximately 6 hours.


Jim Ross also recently spoke with Wrestlezone Radio’s Nick Hausman over the weekend, talking about Roman Reigns’ potential as a heel, a possible Harts versus Flairs feud and more. You can watch the interview in the player below: 


Jim Ross Talks Reigns Not Turning Heel, Flairs vs Harts, More

Jim Ross “Good Ol’ JR” Talks With WrestleZone Radio’s Nick Hausman about: – WWE not turning Roman Reigns heel at WWE WrestleMania- The decision to drop the Diva’s Championship in favor of a Women’s Championship- Charlotte – WWE & Natalya – WWE Universe teasing a Flairs vs Harts feud- Zack Ryder winning the IC Title at WrestleMania 32- The Miz beating Ryder for the IC Title the next night on WWE Monday Night RAW- Shane McMahon taking control of RAW after losing to Undertaker- More…This interview was presented in conjunction with the FITE app

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