WWE NXT Star Makes His Raw Debut Tonight, Member Gets Kicked of Out of League of Nations, Big Show Meets George W. Bush (Photo)

league of nations

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Member Kicked of Out League of Nations

As seen on Raw tonight, after losing a tag team title match to the New Day, Sheamus got on the mic and said a group is only as strong as its weakest link. The League of Nations then turned on King Barrett and beat him down.

We noted several months ago that Barrett informed WWE officials he will not be re-signing with WWE when his contract expires, so while not confirmed, tonight might have been WWE’s way of writing Barrett off TV.

WWE NXT Star Makes His Raw Debut Tonight

WWE NXT star Apollo Crews made his WWE Raw debut tonight and defeated Tyler Breeze in a singles match.

Big Show Meets George Bush

As seen below, Big Show met President George W. Bush at the Texas Rangers game today: