Bret Hart Talks About Jesse Ventura Trying To Start A Wrestlers Union In The 80s, Who He Thinks Should Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame, More

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In this post you will find some transcribed quotes from Bret from this week’s show including:

  • Jesse Ventura wanting to start a wrestler’s union in WWE back in the 80s
  • Who does and does not go in to the WWE Hall of Fame

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On Jesse Ventura wanting to start a wrestler’s union in WWE back in the 80s:

BH: I remember him back years ago when he was one of the first guys trying to get a union going in wrestling. He was making his arguments and talking about it in the car. I can remember going, “This guy knows what he is talking about.” I wish back then that, well, I think that was about the only time we could have gotten a union going in wrestling. I wish that Hogan had never stabbed him in the back and killed that. Ventura really was steamrolling a union for the first time and it was a time when Vince was making nothing but money. Hogan was the key to everything. If Hogan had taken a stand and got wrestlers a union we would have had a union. 

On who goes in to the WWE Hall of Fame and who doesn’t:

BH: There’s so many people that they haven’t called forward to be in there. If you’re going to induct The Freebirds, and I have no objection to that, but what about Demolition? What about The Hart Foundation? What about The British Bulldogs? These were not just your average teams. These were some of the greatest tag teams that ever stepped in to a wrestling ring. I think there’s a real lack of acknowledgement of their own Superstars. It’s all great that The Freebirds did what they did down in Texas and whatnot. They never made history in the WWE so much as The Bulldogs, Demolition or The Hart Foundation.  Then they go and induct Big Boss Man, which I am really glad for, I think it’s long overdue. Rick Rude is another one that should be inducted. I think they shy away from inducting different wrestlers because they died of drug problems. Maybe that’s why they don’t induct Davey Boy. The Nasty Boys aren’t in there. The Bushwackers are in there. How can you induct The Bushwackers and not induct The British Bulldogs? It doesn’t make any sense to me. No disrespect to The Bushwackers. I am sure they’d tell you the same thing. The Bulldogs ought to be in there before them. Even The Hart Foundation, we really raised the bar with tag team wrestling back in the 80’s and 90’s. How they go about voting people in, the decision made to induct The Freebirds who did all their business mostly in Texas and a few other places. They never really did any great things with WWE. It is what it is. They should start recognizing these other people that really paved the way. The Bulldogs, Dynamite and Davey, I think they above all belong in the Hall of Fame. Dynamite’s in a wheelchair and he’s crippled and broken down more than any wrestler in the world. He’s just a train wreck over in England. I think it would mean the world to him to be inducted in to the Hall of Fame. I sort of watched as they inducted these other guys but they aren’t more deserving than Dynamite Kid. 

The first half of today’s show features Bret chatting candidly with WrestleZone Daily host Nick Hausman about a variety of topics.

Some of the topics discussed during the first half of the show include:

After a brief break Bret & Nick return for the second half of the show joined by Bret’s son Blade.

Bret kicks off the second half of the show with his “Hit Of The Week.” Each episode Bret dives in to his archives and picks one of his favorite personal matches to chat in depth about. This week Bret and Blade take a look back at his WrestleMania XIII classic against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Then, Bret welcomes on to the show mixed martial artist Micah Terrill. Micah will be competing in the co-main event of Shogun Fights 14 on April 16, 2016 in Baltimore, MA. Micah & Bret dive in to a discussion about:

  • Whether Bret ever considered competing in mixed martial arts
  • Micah’s personal fighting style
  • The big upsets that happened at UFC 196
  • Who Bret thinks will win between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones
  • Micah’s upcoming fight at Shogun Fights 14
  • More…

This episode also features Bret & Blade giving their “4 Out Of 10” award of the week as well as answering questions from the #AskTheHitman mailbag.

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