TNA Impact Wrestling Results (3/8) – Kurt Angle’s Farewell, New Champions, Matt Hardy Sends A Message To EC3


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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

March 8th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Dixie Carter & Kurt Angle and Bobby Lashley In-Ring Promo: 

The ring is surrounded by the entire TNA Crew. Dixie says that tonight will be a very special and emotional evening. Tonight TNA will honor a wrestler that’s entertain every single wrestling fan in the world. Dixie goes on to introduce Kurt Angle. Dixie also says that Angle is the greatest professional wrestler in the history of the sport. Tonight marks the end of the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour. Dixie says that she will never forget what Kurt Angle did for TNA for the last 10 years. Angle has set the bar so high not just for TNA, but for the entire industry. Dixie is internally thankful and she speaks on behalf of everybody and says “Thank You Angle”. Drew Galloway comes into the ring and bows down to Angle. Galloway said that he decided to come to TNA for two reasons. One to face the best talent around the world and secondly to compete against the best wrestler of all-time Kurt Angle. Galloway says that Angle is the wrestling master class.

Galloway says that the TNA Roster is not like other rosters in the industry. There not just former football players and etc, 95% of the TNA roster lives and breath’s professional wrestling like Kurt Angle. Galloway thanks Angle and they hug each other. Angle said that he came to TNA because he needed to find himself. He gets choked up and a TNA chant breaks out. They say when a wrestler retires they’re a shell of themselves, but not him because he’s better person, husband and father. Angle wants to thank Dixie and everybody in the TNA Roster for giving him an opportunity to work with the best roster in the world. Angle goes on to say thank you to most gracious fans around the world. Angle says that he’s the luckiest man on this planet. Out comes Bobby Lashley. Lashley says that this is a truly amazing experience we’re witnessing today because it’s going to be a rough day. Lashley says that it’s a great day for the fans to be in attendance for Kurt’s last match in TNA. Lastly, it’s truly an amazing honor for him to face the man who got him in the business and his hero. The only sad thing is when he looks into Angle’s eyes, Angle knows that he can’t wrestle him. Lashley says that Angle is just not ready and he walks away.