ECW Legend on the Ballot for Michigan State Representatives, NXT Star Talks Match Nervousness, Who Will Face Charlotte at ‘Mania?

(Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)

ECW Legend on the Ballot for Michigan State Representatives

ECW legend Rhino is running to become a Michigan State Representative, as seen in Tweet below:

NXT Star Talks Match Nervousness

During a recent Q&A conducted on, Tye Dillinger had the following to say about getting nervous before matches:

“I actually don’t want to go through the curtain. Literally. My nerves and excitement build throughout the night, right up until my music hits. Once that happens, I am so nervous and excited that I literally want to turn around and run home, but no one ever accomplished anything great by going backwards. I set very high expectations for myself to put on a great show for the audience in attendance or watching worldwide, so that is where my nervousness stems from. It fuels and motivates me, creating that “rush” you hear so many other Superstars speak of. It will always be there and has been for over 14 years. The day that goes away, I don’t belong in WWE anymore.”

Who Will Face Charlotte at ‘Mania? has published a new poll asking fans who they think will face WWE Divas Champion Charlotte at WrestleMania 32, with the choices being Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, or a Triple Threat match.

As of this writing, 84% of fans believe it will be a Triple Threat match, and 10% think it will be Sasha Banks.