Lucha Underground Results (2/24) – Mundo vs Cage, Texano Runs The Gauntlet, Catrina Warns Pentagon Jr

Lucha Underground

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Lucha Underground Results

February 24th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Pentagon Jr. & Vampiro Segment: 

Pentagon Jr is on his knees shouting master. We hear Vampiro saying that Ian Hodgkinson for years lead Vampiro to the dark side of his mind. Vampiro had no choice, but to takeover. Ian thought it was voices running through his head, but it was Vampiro running the show. Vampiro talks about selecting Pentagon Jr as his protege. Vampiro says that now that they are together, nobody can stop them. We go back to Pentagon Jr. Vampiro tells Pentagon to not let anything stand in his way. Not even Catrina. Pentagon says yes master. 

First Match: Jack Evans vs. PJ Black 

Evans says that he’s the best of the best. The dragon slayer and he will make Drago his bitch. He tosses the mic back to Melissa Santos and tells her that’s how she’s supposed to do her job. Black with a spinning heel kick to Evans. Black with a side kick and heads to the top rope. Evans knocks Black off the rope. Evans goes for a cartwheel forearm, but Black pokes Evans in the eyes.

Black with a Dragon Suplex for a two count. Evans kicks Black in the midsection. Evans with a right hand to Black. Evans with a springboard spinning heel kick. Drago appears in the temple. Evans gets distracted by Drago. Drago is playing around with nunchucks. Evans throws a bottle of water at Drago. Black with a ace crusher to Evans. Drago comes down to the ring. Drago accidentally spits the green mist in the Black’s face. Evans rolls Black up to pickup the victory. 

Winner: Jack Evans