TNA LockDown 2016 Results (2/23) – Hardy vs EC3, KO’s Enter Lethal Lockdown, Lee Retains

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TNA LockDown 2016

February 23rd, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

First Match: Beer Money vs. Eric Young & Bram in a Six Sides of Steel Cage Match 

Beer Money, Young and Bram begin to brawl on the outside before the bell rings. Young goes for a piledriver, but Roode counters with a back body drop. Storm throws beer at Bram’s face. Roode with a right hand to Young. Storm rams a steel chair to the mid section of Bram. Roode and Young heads into the ring. Bram sends Storm ribs first to the steel ring steps. Bram with the Brighter Side of Suffering to Storm on the outside. Bram comes into the ring and closes the cage door. Bram and Young begin to double team Roode. Roode with a series of right hands to Young and Bram. Bram rams Roode’s face on the steel. Bram with a right hand to Roode. Young begins to slap Roode in the face. Young with a right hand to midsection of Roode. Young goes for a right hand, but Young accidentally lays out Bram. Roode with a Block Buster to Young.

Storm gets back inside the ring. Storm and Bram brawl while they are climbing the cage. Storm with the Lung Blow to Young. Storm with a neck breaker to Bram. Beer Money goes for a double team suplex to Young, but Bram attacks Beer Money from behind. Bram sends Storm face first to the steel. Young with a flying elbow drop to Roode. Roode whips Young to Bram in the corner. Storm with a enziguri to Bram. Storm connects with a top rope hurricanrana. Roode with a flying crossbody to Bram for a two count. Beer Money goes for the DWI, but Young counters with a boot to Storm face. Young with a belly to belly suplex to Roode. Storm with a Last Call Superkick to Young. Bram with a spinning heel kick to Storm. Beer Money exchange back and forth right hands to Young and Bram. Roode sends Young face first to the steel. Beer Money with a double team suplex to Young. Beer Money with the DWI to Bram to pickup the victory.

Winner: Beer Money