TNA Impact Wrestling Results (2/16) – EC3 & Spud Reunite ?, The Wolves Retain, LockDown 2016 Build

Third Match: The Wolves (c) vs. The Decay w/Rosemary in a Monster’s Ball Match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship 

The Wolves rush the ring and they brawl out to the floor, and the tables come out from under the ring. The Wolves put a ladder in Steve’s crotch and use chairs to slam it into his middle section. Rosemary spits red mist into Edwards face and Abyss throws him through a table at ringside, then he gets Janice out from under the ring and goes for his spot where he swings and gets it stuck in the top turnbuckle. Richards suplexes Steve into the ladder after Steve set it up in the corner, but Abyss chokeslams Richards and dumps a bunch of chairs on top of him in the middle of the ring.  Edwards is back up and goes to the top, Abyss tries to superplex him, but Edwards hits a sunset bomb that drops Abyss right on the chairs and also a trash can.  

Edwards attacks Abyss and Steve with a kendo stick, he pops Steve up into an assisted Alarm clock, then a chair-assisted top rope double stomp to Steve before Abyss wipes both Wolves out with a double clothesline.  Abyss gets a bag out from under the ring and Edwards dropkicks Abyss to the floor. He goes for a dive through the ropes, Abyss stops before the dive drives him through a barbed wire board leaned against the guardrail, but a dive from Richards sends Abyss right into the board. Steve is on his own now, and he puts Edwards head on a chair and prepares to one-man conchairto him, but Rosemary comes into the ring and tells him to stop, instead holding up Abyss’ bag and dumping out the thumbtacks all over Edwards head and the chair. Rosemary tells Steve to hit him with the chair, but Edwards moves his head just before Steve would have imploded it with the chair. Edwards uses Janice to get rid of the chair, then Edwards blocks Rosemary from spewing mist. Richard kisses Rosmary and proceeds to spit the red mist at her face. The Wolves hit Chasing the Dragon on Steve onto the chair to pickup the victory. 

Winner: Still TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves