TNA Impact Wrestling Results (2/16) – EC3 & Spud Reunite ?, The Wolves Retain, LockDown 2016 Build


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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

February 16th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Ethan Carter III & Dixie Carter Backstage Segment: 

EC3 tells Dixie that Matt Hardy is a manipulator and he showed his true colors last week. EC3 is on a mission to force Matt out of TNA and regain his World Heavyweight Championship. Dixie tells EC3 that he will get his re-match for the world title next week at LockDown in the Six Sides of Steel Match. EC3 says that tonight he has something personal to take care of and he’s going to take care of it right now. 

Ethan Carter III & Tyrus In-Ring Segment: 

EC3 know’s who he is and what he’s done. EC3 says that two years ago he came into TNA with a giant chip on his shoulder. He’s defeated legends and hall of famers, but there’s only one man that EC3 has his sights on and that’s the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy. EC3 has one word for Matt and that’s rematch. EC3 says that will he bring fury and vengeance to LockDown. EC3 says that he has a personal issue to deal with right now with his fist. EC3 calls out his former business partner. EC3 says that Tyrus is probably breast feeding Maxel right now, but he needs to get his big ass out here and settle this like men. Tyrus comes out and tells EC3 that he doesn’t want this. EC3 says that he does and calls Tyrus Salami Tits.

Tyrus brings up the fact that EC3 is a lonely man now. Tyrus says that bosses take care of business and are loyal to the people who watch his back. Tyrus says that he would end EC3. EC3 asks Tyrus if he’s done and the two men proceed to brawl. Tyrus whacks the microphone across EC3’s face. Tyrus with a heart punch that sends EC3 to the outside. The brawl spills to the ramp and EC3 lands a series of right hands. Matt Hardy comes out and attacks EC3 from behind. Tyrus with a chin lock and Matt slaps EC3 in the face. Tyrus with a elbow drop to the back of EC3 and locks in a cross face. Matt Hardy brings a steel-chair into the ring. EC3 snatches the chair and the two spill to the outside. Matt says that if EC3 want to exact revenge? Why don’t he find a partner that’s willing to team up with him tonight against Matt Hardy and Tyrus.