Bill Apter, “I Had A Nightmare Last Night…”; Comments On Bret Hart Battling Cancer & What Undertaker’s Role At WrestleMania Should Be

WZD ApterThis past Friday WrestleZone Daily presented the latest installment of Apter’s Alley which airs every Friday on WrestleZone Daily. Each installment features Editor-in-Chief Bill Apter and host Nick Hausman talking about different big issues from around the world of pro wrestling.

Book: Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn’t Know It Was Broken! by Bill Apter

During this week’s installment Bill discusses:

  • How politics and pro wrestling seem to be crossing over at the moment
  • His upcoming interview with Jason Kincaid
  • Bret Hart’s announcement that he is battling prostate cancer
  • Some of the most inspirational moments from Bret Hart’s career
  • The rumored match for WrestleMania between Undertaker and Braun Strowman
  • More…

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You can listen to Bill’s lastest installment of Apter’s Alley starting at the 1:38:02 minute mark in the embedded audio player below. Some of Bill’s comments have been transcribed below it:

On a nightmare he had recently:

BA: I had a nightmare last night. I did! I did. I’ve been watching too much of the political stuff. Besides entertainment I am a news hound. I think you and I have discussed this. I am always on CNN or MSNBC. My TV is always set to that. I’ve been watching so much of these debates. The biggest impact that has had everybody talking has of course been Donald Trump’s loss in Iowa. The New York Times did a story a few days ago that said Donald Trump’s whole campaign is based on his tenure in pro wrestling. The New York Times did this! I had a dream that I’m sitting there at WrestleMania and I am watching the matches. Just as whoever is about to be in the main event against Triple H… as they are about to win… the lights go out, they come back on and there is The Donald! With his arms raised in the middle of the ring and the belt around his waist. He’s looking at 82,000 people who could be his supporters sitting there and they give him the belt! He goes on the next night to defeat Hillary Clinton because he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That was a dream and I’m not a Trump guy.

The full audio from Bill’s appearance as well as his transcribed quotes about Bret Hart’s battle with prostate cancer and what the Undertaker should do at WrestleMania are transcribed on the next page.