TNA Impact Wrestling Results (2/9) – Galloway vs Angle 2, EC3 Returns, Trevor Lee Retains


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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

February 9th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, Tyrus In-Ring Segment: 

Matt said that he didn’t sell out because he’s already filthy rich. He’s not here for these terrible people or to defend his TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He’s here for business, the “Matt Hardy Brand” is going to teach TNA how to conduct good business. The Matt Hardy Brand is more valuable then the Impact Wrestling Brand. Matt calls the Manchester crowd peasants. Tyrus asks the crowd if they want to see EC3 tonight? Tyrus says that the Winston Churchill’s fat ass has a better chance of getting on a unicorn then EC3 showing up tonight. Tyrus calls EC3 a coward and he wouldn’t be anything without him. Tyrus says that Matt doesn’t him to watch his back because they’re family. Tyrus and Matt hugged. Reby in disgust questions the Manchester crowd for booing her husband, but cheering for EC3. You cheer EC3 because he’s a loser. Reby says that Matt is a winner, a trendsetter, her baby daddy and most importantly the most sexiest man alive. Reby says that all of you are jealous.

 Matt says that he defeated EC3 for the World Heavyweight Championship all by himself and he didn’t break any rules in that Last Man Standing Match. Matt says that EC3 brag about being a unbeatable, unbreakable, unbendable, etc, but Matt stopped his ass. In the last three weeks EC3, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle have became victims of the “Icon” Matt Hardy. Matt brings up the fact that Dixie hasn’t spoken to him. Matt said that Eric Young ended his brother’s career, so he’s not going to be here much to the dismay of the Manchester crowd. Tonight Matt is not leaving this arena until Dixie Carter arrives and speaks to his face. Matt says that he is going to teach Dixie how to run a good company because when you have a cancer in your locker room you erase it. Matt says if Dixie wants to keep her mega star happy, she will stand in this ring and she will do one thing and that will be to fire EC3.