Lucha Underground Results (2/3) – Puma & Pentagon Jr Team Up, PJ Black’s Debut, Mundo/Cage Rivalry?

Lucha Underground

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Lucha Underground Results

February 3rd, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Prince Puma & Pentagon Jr. Segment: 

We see Prince Puma lifting weights and see flashes of his match with Mil Muertes from Ultima Lucha. Pentagon comes up to Puma and thanks him for helping him one more time, so he can please his master. Pentagon tells Puma that tonight they will be tag team partners and Puma will help him break bones in the honor of his master. Pentagon says that once they finished off the Disciples of Death, Prince Puma will be Pentagon next’s target. Pentagon says that he has zero fear. Pentagon and Puma begin to brawl in the locker room. 

First Match: Johnny Mundo vs. Killshot 

Killshot with a snap mare to Mundo. Mundo with a shoulder tackle to Killshot. Killshot with a thrust kick and multiple enziguri’s that sends Mundo to the outsdie. Killshot connects with the suicide dive. Mundo with a big running spear to Killshot. Mundo rolls Killshot back into the ring. Mundo goes for the pin, but Killshot kicks out at two. Mundo rakes his boot across Killshot face. Killshot with a uppercut to Mundo. Killshot goes for a powerbomb, Mundo counters with a forearm. Mundo with a Spanish Fly for a two count. Mundo drives Killshot to the corner. Mundo with a boot to the face of Killshot. Killshot knocks Mundo off the top rope with a DDT. Killshot with the 450 Splash to Mundo for a two count. Mundo calls for a timeout.

Mundo and Killshot exchange back and forth knee shots. Mundo with a low blow and a springboard enziguri. Mundo with the End of the World to Killshot to pickup the victory. After the match Mundo tells Mil Muertes that he will be a marked man. Brian Cage appears in the crowd. Cage tells Muertes that once his boo boo is over he take on a real challenge. Cage tells Muertes that he will break him in half because he’s not a man he’s a machine. Mundo tells Cage that he’s not in his league. Cage and Mundo get in each other’s face and Mundo decides to bail out and heads towards the back. Cage poises in the ring and Mundo attacks Cage from behind. Cage with a big shoulder tackle to Mundo. Cage goes for a press slam and Mundo escapes.

Winner: Johnny Mundo