TNA Impact Wrestling Results (2/2) – Angle vs Hardy, New Champion Crowned, EC3 Finally Speaks


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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

February 2nd, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

We see EC3 walking out of a hotel and the TNA cameras follow him around. EC3 tells the camera man to meet him at 4pm for an interview to get his thoughts on losing the TNA World Heavyweight Title to Matt Hardy. 

The Hardy Family, Eric Young, Bram and Kurt Angle In-Ring Segment: 

The crowd starts chanting for Jeff and Matt says that Jeff’s not going to be here tonight because he made the mistake of saying that Matt was tarnishing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. That was a sin and karma came calling for Jeff in a pile driver through a table. Matt says that it looks like Jeff’s little broken leg couldn’t run away from his past with Eric Young fast enough. Reby says that it didn’t have to end this way, but for so many years everybody always said that Matt lived in the shadow of Jeff Hardy. Reby never saw it that way. Matt never believed that. Reby believes that Jeff is jealous of Matt becoming TNA World Heavyweight Champion and that jealousy lead to Jeff getting injured again. What happen to Jeff wasn’t personal it was just great business for the Matt Hardy Brand. Eric Young and Bram comes out to interrupt Matt. Young says that Jeff is never coming back because of him. Bobby Roode cost him the world title and now he took his belt. Jeff Hardy took his number one contendership now he took Jeff’s career. Young has no issues with Matt, but he reminds Matt that the world title goes through him. Tyrus and Bram have a stare off. Kurt Angle comes out. Angle says it looks like Matt’s business deal just blew up in his face. Matt has been degrading that world title ever since he won it. Matt tells Angle to not repeat that.

Kurt talked to a TNA official earlier today trying to find his next opponent in his farewell tour and he has some great news. Tonight Matt Hardy will defend his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Kurt Angle. Matt says that it all makes sense now, Angle politic his way to another championship match. Matt said that he was enjoy the Farewell Tour, but if Angle keeps pushing his buttons it’s going to end prematurely. Angle says that he ends his career on his terms and he understands that right now he’s out numbered, but he will kick all of their asses when he wants to. Matt tells Angle to come into the ring right now. Beer Money comes out. Roode tells Matt to shove his brand up his ass. Roode says that tonight there’s going to be a fight. Storm says that in the business it’s about making money and kicking ass. Storm says that Angle will get a fair shot at Matt Hardy because they will take care of Bram and Eric Young. Beer Money, Eric Young and Bram begin to brawl. Abyss and Crazzy Steve joins the fray, but they get interrupted The Wolves. Roode says that not only will Kurt Angle become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion tonight, but Beer Money and The Wolves will take on Abyss, Crazzy Steve, Eric Young and Bram in a Hardcore Match.