Lucha Underground Exec Talks Show’s Unique Location, Striker Talks Fan Interaction, Mysterio’s Interesting WWE – WCW Confession

lucha underground

WZ Radio regular Alfred Konuwa has posted a new piece over at, looking at the new season of Lucha Underground which premieres tonight at 8pm EST on El Rey Network.

Konuwa spoke with the show’s Executive Producer, Eric Van Wagenen, and below is a quote on the show’s unique location, which is a grungy warehouse:

“Your location is a character in your series,” said executive producer Eric Van Wagenen, who works closely with Burnett.

“This was actually the first place I saw of all the locations I scouted, and it just instantaneously created the vibe that I wanted to create with the show. Underground. Fight club. Off the beaten path. Nothing glamorous about it.”

Matt Striker on the fan interaction during LU tapings:

“The [Lucha Underground] fan understands that they are that addendum or that supplement to what’s going on,” said Striker.

“I really think that the tip of the cap needs to go to the old ECW crowd because they really kind of ushered in that ‘we are the part of the show’ as well. And also when you go to places like England and Germany, the fans are that way too.”

Rey Mysterio reveals why he became interested in Lucha Underground:

“I never dreamed of going to WWE or WCW, my dream was always making it to CMLL (Legendary wrestling company Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre),” Mysterio told me during a revealing conversation.

“There was no other company out there that was displaying [high-flying wrestling] but Lucha Underground. When I saw the first season, I was blown away.”