Bret Hart on the Royal Rumble: “That Was the Worst Royal Rumble I Think I’ve Ever Watched”; Reacts to AJ Styles’ Debut, Criticizes HHH, More

WZR Bret Hart

WrestleZone Radio is proud to present this exclusive interview with WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart. This interview is presented by You can find more info and media from Bret Hart and Sharp Shooter Funding at the bottom of this post. 

During the interview some of the topics Bret shares his thoughts about include:

  • The booking of the 2016 WWE Royal Rumble
  • Triple H as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion
  • Triple H as a performer and creative mind
  • AJ Styles’ debut in WWE
  • Who he would like to see face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania
  • If he thinks that Vince McMahon returning to WWE TV has helped the product
  • WWE needing to push the Women’s Division more
  • If he’s been approached to be a trainer for WWE NXT
  • WWE Management trying to be good guys and bad guys at the same time
  • The possibility of Tyson Kidd returning as an active professional wrestler
  • More…

This interview concludes with Bret speaking about his influence on hip-hop music before throwing to the song “Sharp Shooter” by Cam’ron. The song was written in conjunction with Bret’s involvement with Sharp Shooter Funding.

You can find the full audio from Bret’s interview as well as some transcribed quotes from it below: 

On what he thought of the 2016 WWE Royal Rumble as he was watching it:

BH: I wasn’t that impressed with it. I thought it was one of the least exciting ones I’ve ever watched. I just didn’t find it very exciting. I found it very predictable. When all of the guys came out and ganged up on Roman Reigns I knew that he was going to come back out later. It was just so easy to figure out. It was not suspenseful. Some of the guys I thought were doing really well in it. I was glad they were in it. Like AJ Styles and Kevin Owens but they seemed to get dumped out. Even Big Show and Mark Henry… a lot of guys just got thrown out like they didn’t mean anything. I think any time you have a Royal Rumble and you have a guy as big as the Big Show and you just throw him out it just doesn’t mean as much as it should. The legitimacy of wrestling. You have to have some logic and common sense in it. The whole ending was… even when it got down to the last four guys I was surprised that they were the four guys. That they would pin the whole hopes of WrestleMania on the hopes of these four guys. Or two of them anyway. I didn’t like the decision that Triple H, surprise, put the belt on himself again. It just seemed like it just showed a real lack of imagination if you ask me. 

On his impression of the 2016 WWE Royal Rumble after it was over:

BH:  I watched three hours of wrestling last night and I got very little out of it. When it was over I thought, “That was the worst Royal Rumble I think I’ve ever watched.” Maybe next to the one from a couple of years ago. There was another lousy one. I just really had higher expectations. When I say all of my criticisms I just want to be honest. I have a lot of respect for the talent. I think there are a lot of really great wrestlers out there. I think Cody Rhodes is a great wrestler. I can name guys that I think are great wrestlers. That throw great punches. That throw great kicks. They do good stuff out there. It’s how they are used. 

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